Automated Student Attendance

Using passive UHF RFID to seamlessly monitor individual movements in real-time, create automated location-based alerts, report and analyse data and account for individuals in an emergency.



Our client was experiencing real difficulties in accurately measuring student attendance. Students were constantly forgetting to sign into lectures or unable to sign in via an online digital service. This resulted in difficulties for students and the university to capture and demonstrate minimum attendance levels for academic progress and compliance with Tier 4 visa rules.

Our Solution


Automatically and seamlessly monitors student attendance

Battery-free, long-range, RFID technology built into ID cards or lanyards, that allow for accurate detection up to 8m

Enables compliance with UK visa and immigration rules

Helps meet duty-of-care obligations for students and visitors

Enable safer evacuations of students and visitors in emergency situations

98%+ detection rate

How It Works


Powered sensors installed at doorways + battery-free ID cards or lanyards.’s unique RFID-based system allows for automatic, seamless capture of students without reliance on student’s manually signing or tapping in to class, registering and maintaining apps and smartphone settings or battery power. This means that class attendance is monitored automatically.

Weekly, monthly and termly reports deliver attendance by student, by module, and by programme, providing actionable insights and early warning indicators.


Alerts can also be sent to students based on their attendance status, can trigger a pastoral care process, or can be used to communicate targeted messages during an evacuation or emergency event.



Improvement in student attendance detection rates (over 98% captured).

Dramatic reduction in administrative time required to capture and process attendance.

Greatly improved speed of response to request for attendance reports.

“The system paid for itself within the first year, as we were able to reduce the administrative time taken to collect and process attendance data.”
– Learning Technologist, Management School

Therefore, contributing to higher Student Satisfaction and Student Retention due to improved levels of pastoral care.

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