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Since the COVID-19 crisis began to hit the UK just over three weeks ago, Unifi.id has been working with its manufacturing and trading partner connections in China to source supplies of PPE. Unifi.id CEO, Paul Sheedy, has 20 years of experience in building manufacturing and trading relationships in Asia and has identified a group of key individuals and companies who are best placed to provide PPE and other medical equipment products.  Many of those within the group have 30+ years of experience delivering products to leading European companies from the Far East.


Teams in Europe and China, have immediately embarked on establishing sustainable capacity for the very highest quality of PPE from China, South Korea and other specialist factories in the Far East, to keep supply lines moving in this time of crisis. This team effort has led to Unifi.id delivering over the Easter weekend, all the PPE needed for multiple GP surgeries, red COVID-19 clinics in London and additionally, some Care Homes in London and Kent that were in dire need. The team is now supplying the Dutch Health Authority and other countries with similar critical needs.


Why you should trust PPE products from Unifi.id?


In the last two months over 9,000 factories have suddenly started supplying facemasks and other PPE. Unifi.id is not dealing with any of these new factories; we are sourcing only from a recommended list of suppliers who have well-established manufacturing processes, the correct safety and testing certificates, and medical export licenses. The teams both here and in China have worked tirelessly to filter down this list of suppliers and have carried out robust independent testing of PPE in Europe.


At this time of crisis, Unifi.id is here to help Care Homes, GP surgeries, and other parts of the NHS that are in urgent need of PPE equipment. If we can combine orders across Groups and Organisations, this will ensure that we can order in bulk, negotiate the lowest prices and reduce transportation costs. By thinking about your requirements over the next weeks and months, much of the stock needed can be shipped by sea, further cutting transportation costs. Help us, help you in getting COVID-19 eliminated and getting life back to some sort of normality again. Please contact us 24/7 for orders, and we will do what we can to immediately deliver the PPE to where it is needed.


Contact us at: info@unifi.id or contact us on +44 7785 996 916

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Unifi.id have vast experience in international trade, design, manufacturing and sourcing. The company has a particular focus on the Far East, with offices in China and partnerships in multiple other countries. Our core technology solutions were rapidly developed in advance of the Covid outbreak to deliver a duty of care to hospital staff and security personnel in the UK. Security systems are ready to deploy in any UK or international hospital now that have specific Covid wards.


Based on clear issues that health care providers faced, Unifi.id gathered this group to ensure large volumes and ongoing capacity could be secured from the leading established manufacturers of PPE, in China and other suppliers in the Far East. The group of companies are aligned to provide to buyers the assurances on quality, security of supply chain and risk mitigation for what are vast needs.


“JAG UFS Intl opened its doors in 1981 and from day one, has pride itself on offering customers the very highest levels of service. The same philosophy is still in practise to this very day and remains the ethos that is instilled in all members of staff, Starting as a family business and continue to do so with the leadership of the company being in the second generation of the families that started the company.


The ability to adapt to our customers’ requirements and offer bespoke solutions, whether it is a small part or a whole aircraft charter, JAG UFS have the solution for its broad client base. Having our own offices in China (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Xiamen) we have excellent support from all major airlines and shipping lines. We have access to all the tools that are needed in China to ensure we are ready for any eventuality. With excellent communication and response times, our Headquarters in London Heathrow Airport, ports offices in Southampton and Felixstowe, four offices in key locations in China, two in USA and All 100% UK owned, along with worldwide partners in over 200 countries worldwide, we really are positioned to react,  no matter where our clients take us. The attention to detail on all shipments and projects is the reason we have become market leaders in the International logistics sector.


I-OnAsia is a global investigations and security business consulting company. The company was established twenty years ago and has completed over 17,000 assignments.  Our work has addressed many challenges that are often presented to companies, Governments and NGO’s on a daily basis. With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, New York and London. I-OnAsia is a key partner in any global investigation with a hook into the APAC, EMEA and American Regions


Our company’s brand and our Hong Kong headquarters ensures our work is conducted with a high degree of confidentiality. Our clients include royal and elite global families and the world’s largest multinationals (including major financial institutions).  Mr. Oliver Laurence runs the London office, Oliver has 15 years’ experience in global intelligence and investigations, along with the company’s founder Mr. Derek Elmer who has resided in the APAC region for 33 years, the company will be providing PPE Due Diligence coming out of the APAC Region as a direct result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


ViennEast is a European based strategic risk, government affairs and business intelligence advisory firm. We help businesses navigate difficult political landscapes through our analysis of government stability, policy decisions, corruption risks, industry regulations and other factors affecting operations and returns on investment. Located in London and Vienna and part of wider European group of government affairs companies we have conducted investigations across the globe.


Our clients also include large global corporates, major banks and high net worth individuals.  Our team has diverse experience from decades of government service to corporate intelligence and investigative journalism. Anthony Monckton has 37 years’ experience of working for government both in the military and the Diplomatic Service. He has managed complex cross-jurisdiction investigations. We are working with I-OnAsia to deliver a quality service to ensure PPE meets the required standard.

WKB Consultancy


WKB Consultancy Ltd, is an independent management consultancy specialising in business strategy, new and emerging markets, turnaround and acquisitions.  Its founder and Director, Russell Best is a strategic advice specialist in engineering support and field services, government and private sectors.   With honed political acumen and a deep knowledge of UK defence and wider government environment, we have advised at C-Suite level on divestment and integration, strategic market entry and capture in home and international markets. A former senior officer in the Royal Navy, Russell is committed to not-for-profit and pro bono sectors with extensive connections in the veteran’s care sector in the UK and is a Director with RNBT Care, the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust’s residential care division.


We have an intimate knowledge of complex enterprises in the public and private sectors serving the Ministry of Defence and a range of blue-chip public and commercial customers.  With a proven track record in developing new and alternative market exploration, particularly in the defence aerospace and field services sectors, combined with extensive international as well UK central government experience, we will be supporting Unifi.id in this innovative and challenging initiative to meet urgent requirements for COVID19 crisis related commodities in bulk.

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