Delivering Smarter Buildings in China

Following’s Hangzhou win this week the Gongshu government have not only matched the prize amount given to from the Hangzhou government, but they’ve also included numerous other incentives in order to fast-track’s establishment in China. The Gongshu government clearly recognises the positive impact that’s technology will have on the high-rise building sector and are handing over two buildings to to deploy our cutting-edge technology immediately.


Furthermore, it is both the Gongshu Government’s and our intention, to engage with the district fire services to illustrate to them the beneficial impact that will have on optimising the evacuation of high-rise buildings.


The Gongshu and Hangzhou governments are aligned to ensure that the current limitations faced by their fire chiefs when they attempt to evacuate in high-rise buildings are eliminated. We will work together to make Hangzhou the world’s first city where fire services know, in real-time as soon as a fire alarm is triggered, exactly how many people are in a building, where people with mobility constraints are located and where their firefighters are, as they work their way through the building.


Through our Artificial Intelligence technology, we will be able to inform how long, based on all variables, how long it will take for the building to be evacuated and see the live time evacuation process.  All this information will allow each fire chief to know exactly how to deal with the evacuation. Both governments clearly see that our technology is going to deliver smarter and safer cities.


Beyond this, China is committed to lowering its energy consumption. Through our data insights, we illustrated how we can deliver the measurement required to better manage buildings, enabling them to lower energy consumption through the integration of building management systems (BMS). If we can achieve our aim of lowering energy consumption in buildings by about 8% – 20%, our technology would have a huge impact on scaling business throughout China.

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